Phoebe Jevtovic, voice; Shira Kammen, vielle, voice;  Tim Rayborn, frame drum, hylsung, tabor, voice, citole, psaltery; Priscilla Smith; recorders, dulcian, bagpipe, voice; Tom Zajac: pipe and tabor, bagpipe, sackbut, recorder, dulce melos, jaw harp, castanets, voice

Choreomania: Music for the Dancing Plagues of Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Nu Tret Herzuo, 14thc. German Flagellant Song

Saxony, 1017-18
Equitabat Bobo
, text: Saxony, ca. 1017, music: contrafact of Carmina Burana #23, arr. Tim Rayborn

Wales, 1188
Luto carens
, anon. 12thc. Notre Dame conductus
In Domino confidite, anon. 12thc. Notre Dame conductus
Passionis emuli, anon. 12thc. Notre Dame conductus
Estampie Passionis, arr. Tim Rayborn

Erfurt, 1247
Tanz: Bonum est confidere
, based on Carmina Burana #27, arr. Tim Rayborn, Tom Zajac, and Annette Bauer
Ut queant laxis, Hymn for St. John the Baptist, attributed to Paul the Deacon (ca. 720-99)

Maastricht, 1278
In Seculum Viellatoris
, Bamberg Codex, ca. 1260-90
Veni virgo/Veni Sancte Spiritus/Neuma, Montpellier Codex, ca. 1300
Nota Neuma, arr. Tim Rayborn and Cançonièr
Aachen, Ghent, Metz, and Northern France, 1374-75
Des merveilles
, text: Eustache Deschamps (1346–1406), melody: arr. Tom Zajac after an anonymous trouvère melody
Maria unser frowe, 14thc. German Flagellant Song


, Italy, ca.1400, British Library Lo, Add. 29987
Cori Miu, trad. Italian tarantella
Pizicca Taranta, trad. Italian tarantella, arr. Annette Bauer and Cançonièr

Strasbourg, 1588
Quene Note
, Frankes, Digby MS 167 (15th c.), arr. Tom Zajac
Files à marier, anon, Seville Chansonnier, ca. 1500
Responsorium in Nativitate S. Johannes, Apel Codex, ca. 1500
Ut queant laxis (a 3), anon., Apel Codex
Ut queant laxis (a 4), Adam v. Fulda, ca. 1445-1505
La Spagna, Heinrich Isaac, ca. 1445-1517
Hopptanz, Johannes Weck, ca.1492-1536,arr. Annette Bauer, based on the Amerbach Organ Tabulature
In Gottes  Namen fahren wir, 15thc. German Pilgrimage Song, arr. Annette Bauer


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