Bernhard Riemann Society
“The Possibility of Parallel Fifths” Bernhard Riemann Society of Berkeley (formerly Berkeley Non-Euclidean Society) in cooperation with Mills Music Department and UC Department of Mathematics, host a roundtable discussing the small, obscure yet fascinating body of speculative writings by Johann Joseph Fux (1660–1741) and otherJohann_Joseph_Fux-1s imagining a musical system wherein parallel fifths and octaves might serve as functional aspects of species counterpoint, and the relation of this theoretical “heresy” to the ideas of Italian mathematician Giovanni Girolamo Saccheri (1667–1733), an early modern pioneer of non-Euclidean geometry, with whom Fux corresponded.
Berkeley Non-Euclidean Society
Bernhard Riemann Hall, intersection of Ashby and University Aves.
FREE:  BYOB (fifths of your choice) and celebrate all of us April Fools.
Information:  510-724-3212

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